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Throughout the course of 2017, several changes have been made regarding the information on this site.
This site is no longer being updated.

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Consider the Tremendous Advantages of a Second Passport

Many countries have provisions that allow their government to grant citizenship in return for major contributions to society, culture and the economy. A second passport comes with a wide variety of benefits, especially for individuals and their families looking for international freedom in both their personal and business life. Take a look at some of the core advantages:

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First Advantage: Freedom of Movement

The right of freedom of movement is a fundamental human right. If your current passport doesn’t allow for visa-free travel or residence in another country, you and your family are restricted, in many ways. When you have a stronger passport in your corner, you have the world at your feet. The legal benefits of a second nationality have tremendous importance in the daily lives of individuals.

Second Advantage: Escape the Box – Protect your Assets

Your current passport can severely limit you when it comes to opportunities for international diversification. With the increasing amount of regulations, many people often receive the short end of the stick when they try to open foreign financial accounts to diversify and to protect their family wealth. It’s like trying to run your life in a small box. To add to that frustration, overseas banks might even close existing accounts to minimize risks.

A second passport turns this situation around; it gives you the power to embrace international opportunities, including more investment and travel options. Break out of the box and expand your operations as you see fit with a second passport. Freedom is the key to your success.

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Third Advantage: Never be a Target

When it comes to international affairs, you don’t want your homeland government to make any decisions that could potentially affect your travel plans, or even worse, your and your family’s freedom. For example, if your nation finds itself in political heat with another nation, you could find yourself targeted while overseas. A passport that minimizes this risk affords you peace of mind as you travel. Don’t allow government head-butting to ruin your personal safety.

Fourth Advantage: Never be Controlled

Being a target of other governments isn’t your only concern. Even your own homeland government can get in the way of your traveling.

In many cases, a government can exercise control over its citizens by cancelling domestic passports. This is especially true in politically and economically unstable countries. Rather than find your passport revoked and yourself strapped down, you can use a second passport to keep moving, despite government attempts at controlling you.

In addition, sometimes a country imposes overwhelming taxes and regulations on its citizens, and this can be a major blow to your international goals. In cases like these, a powerful exit strategy involves renouncing your homeland citizenship and freeing yourself of the policies that weigh you down.

Fifth Advantage: More Places to Call Home

With a second passport on your person, especially a European one, you can have multiple places to call home. Work, enjoy a safer life, protect your family, let your children study in London, Paris, Rome or anywhere else in Europe. Even if things go bad in one country, you’ll never have to resort to refugee-status, since you can claim citizenship in more than one location. When it comes to finding a living space or simply working, you won’t find yourself short on options. Consider this a very reliable safety net for the most important aspects of your life.

Peace, Unrest and Danger

We live in a fast-changing world and what was considered a benefit some years ago might be a disadvantage or even a danger today.

The threat of violence against US, UK and other citizens and interests throughout the world is a reality. Recent attacks serve as a reminder that US, UK and citizens of other countries need to maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.

However, when did you ever hear that citizens or interests of Cyprus where attacked?

This idyllic island in the mediterranean sea, being a full member of the European Union and granting its citizens the same rights as any other country of the European Union, ranks as a very low risk country to attacks of extremists.